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News and press coverage about AssamKart and its epublishing counterpart Nirvana Sutra


Amar Asom


The Telegraph 

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 অসমীয়া ই-বুক আৰু – অসমীয়া সাহিত্য জগতত এক নতুন যুগৰ সুচনা 


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Seven Sisters’ Post


Seven Sister’s Post October 1, 2012


Times of India


New Fodder  for Digital Bookworms


The Assam Tribune

Assam Tribune, October 01, 2012

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Asomiya Pratidin

Asomiya Pratidin Oct 1, 2012

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Aamar Asom

Amar Asom Oct 1,2012

Read: আমাৰ অসম


Seven Sisters’ Post

Seven Sister’s Post


The Telegraph

The Telegraph


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