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Home Remedy Through Herbal Medicines

Rating: 0/5
Price of print book:₹ 45
Our Price:
₹ 30
Author Dr. Gunaram Khanikar, Ph. D (AM)
Language English
Publisher Nirvana Sutra
Book Code  NS100
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Everybody knows that the herbal medicines are in high demand in the world today and the demand is increasing in the national as well as international market every year.

We know that the people of India, especially the north-east region of India, have been since time immemorial using medicinal plants and herbs as remedies for ailment and which they have been passing on from generation to generation. Even now a days a large percentage of our population still depends on herbal medicines due to almost no side effect, low cost, easy availability, affordability, accessibility, therapeutical utility and less toxic nature.

This is not a technical book. This is for common people. The aim of the book is to popularize effective herbal medicines among the layman and students so that they are able to treat themselves and cure them of the common as well as chronic ailments.


I would like to highlight a few selected important and very effective herbal medicines on the basis of my last 35 years’ experience as a herbal practitioner, writer and a trainer.


Gunaram Khanikar


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