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Calm and Quiet, Fat and Robust, Very Mischievous

Rating: 0/5
Price of print book:₹ 180
Our Price:
₹ 150
Author ড০ ভবেন্দ্ৰ নাথ শইকীয়া (Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia)
Language English
Publisher Nirvana Sutra
Book Code  NS24
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Translator and Editor  Rashmi Narzary


It is amazing how Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia manoeuvres through every alley and every impulse of childhood, taking the reader along with him, as he weaves the play Calm and Quiet, Fat and Robust, V-e-r-y Mischievous!

The ease with which Dr. Saikia portrays the various moods and personalities in children, bringing them together to weave the seven episodes and yet, in each, keeping the identity of each of the characters distinct and adorable, is only possible by a master story teller of the stature of Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia. What endears the readers to the characters is that none of them are any different from the average child next door who laughs, cries, lies, quarrels and occasionally comes up with that whimsical obsession to do things beyond their means. 

Set in middle class families of the late seventies, the work takes the reader through situations which are very simple yet leave a lasting mark in the mind. You wouldn’t even realize how, at the end of each episode of Calm and Quiet, Fat and Robust, V-e-r-y Mischievous! either a smile unknowingly spreads across your face, tears well up in your eyes, or leave you thinking, how little children are sometimes so much wiser and nobler than grown-ups.

As for me, working on the original play now in 2012 has left me walking down the lanes of memory when as a little girl, I eagerly looked forward to Sunday afternoons in 1979, holding a shoe-box sized radio, waiting for Bapu, Bhulu, Monu and Runee. I still cherish every moment of those afternoons of so long ago, and now as I edited, I almost heard their voices ringing in my ears. It’s your turn, now, meet them...!

------------ Rashmi Narzary


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