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New AssamKart PC App Released - Download the updated Windows Installer that comes with better reading experience and performance

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Ereading will soon become a part of your life. AssamKart offers you two apps to suit your needs. If you have iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, then you can use our iOS App to read Assamese and English ebooks. If you have Android devices (Android mobile phone or Android Tablets), then you can use the Android ebook Reader app from AssamKart.


Discover the pleasure of eReading with AssamKart


You can easily carry more than 100 ebooks in your mobile phone. You can carry more than 1000 ebooks in your Tablet.


Easy reading

You can totally customize the reading experience with AssamKart ebook Reader Apps. You can change the font size, the background, the way you turn the pages, the orientation and many more.


Read ebooks on Any Device

With the FREE AssamKart ebook Reader Apps, you can read Assamese ebooks on any device (iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets etc.)


Shop anywhere

You can buy from your computer or right from your mobile phone or tablet.


Borrow eBooks

You can borrow ebooks to read without buying them.


Send Gifts to Your Friends and Family


You can send ebooks as gifts to your friends and family.