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Buying and Organizing ebooks

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How do I keep track of my purchases?

Log in and go to your account in and you will see the ebooks you have purchased along with other data such as price and date of purchase. You can also view the ebooks you bought from your AssamKart app on your mobile or tablet.

How do I create an account?

Click on the sign up link, fill in the details asked and we will send you a link to verify your account. So, please provide a valid email id. Once you verify the email id by clicking on the verify email id link (you will find it in your email inbox), your account will be active.

How do I search for a book in AssamKart website?

Browse through the various categories present in or you can also search for any book using the search box.

I can’t find the book I am looking for, why?

Check if your book name is correct. If it’s correct, then sometime the system may not be able to match your search term with the term stores in our site. Sometimes the book may not be added to the site yet.



How do I sync my library?

It's easy. All you have to do is download the FREE app for your device and then log in using your login credentials. You will need Internet connection for that. Once you log in, your library will sync automatically. You can sync your library to 3 devices of your choice.

How can i borrow ebooks?

There are two ways to borrow ebooks from AssamKart

  1. You can borrow ebooks on a daily basis. E.g. you can borrow an ebook for 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and so on.
  2. You can become a member of the lending program known as “ELITE” and borrow 12 ebooks in one year.

The ebook will be there in your account till your borrowing end date specified at the beginning of the borrowing period.



How do I create a AssamKart account?

It’s very simple. All you have to do is click on “Sign Up” and fill in the form. A email will be sent to the email id you provide. Once you verify the email id by clicking on the “verify” button in the email, your account will be active.

How do I change my AssamKart account password?

Login and go to your profile page. There you can change your account password.

I have lost my password. What to do?

You can reset your password. Click on “Forgot Password” link and enter your email id in the box provided. One password reset link will be sent to your email id, which you can use to reset your password.

How can I change credit card or billing address?

Once you login and go to your account, you can change your credit card/ debit card details. You can also change it while buying a book.

How to track my purchases?

Log in to your account and go to your purchases section. You will be able to see a list of the ebooks you bought.