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Assamkart Elite Club


Enroll in AssamKart Elite club


What do you get?

You can borrow 12 ebooks in one year. Just pay Rs. 600/- for one year membership of this program.


What are the benefits?

You can borrow 12 ebooks in a year.

You pay just Rs 600/- and save lots of money.

Let’s take an example- The lending club includes books from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 300/- or more. Suppose you borrow 12 ebooks of Rs. 200/- each, then you need to pay Rs. 2400/- in one year. However, if you become a member of the lending club, then you pay just Rs.600/- (You can save Rs. 1800/- in a year).

You can try the ebooks before you buy. Borrow them, read them, if you like them, then buy them.



FAQ – Lending Program


Can I keep the ebooks?

Can you keep borrowed books, things? No. The same way, you can borrow one ebook for one month but after that period, the ebook will not appear in your account.


How much time can I keep the ebook?

One month (28-31 days)


Can I borrow it again?


YES. You can borrow it again. However, the second borrowing will be considered as a another borrowing. You can borrow the same ebook in the next month or any other month in future.