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About Us


AssamKart (a division of B&N Initiative)

AssamKart is the first-ever and the only ebook store from the North-East India.

It is the second ebook store in India offering regional language ebooks.


It is the one stop destination for Assamese and English ebooks of the writers of Assam. We offer books from Assam to the reader in different formats. You will find both Assamese ebooks and English ebooks of Assamese writers in AssamKart. We will get the Assamese literary works and the litterateurs to the global stage, where people from other parts of the world will also be able to taste the International quality writings from Assam. We endeavour to globalize our talented crop of Assamese writers.


The Core Team

Navanita Hazarika and Bikash Kalita are the people behind AssamKart and B&N Initiative. They also manage Nirvana Sutra (, a Content Management and e-Publishing House, which has published all the books available in Navanita Hazarika and Bikash Kalita has been working in the field of Content Management for a long time. Navanita is the brain behind the project. She also handles the administrative and functional aspects of the firm. Bikash handles the technological and other core functions.

Mr. Nikunja Choudhury and Ms. Ritamoni Sarma are two people handling the different crucial functions of the organization.

Mr. Mahadananada Hazarika, ACS, Joint Secretary, Assam is the Guiding Mentor of this endeavor, who has offered his valuable suggestions and guidance in the whole process, for which AssamKart is indebted to him.



Prof. (Dr.) Dhruba Jyoti Borah, MD

Sahitya Akademi Awardee, Litterateur

Principal cum Chief Superintendent

Jorhat Medical College


Dr Kulendu Pathak

Eminent scientist and educationist

Ex-Vice-Chancellor, Dibrugarh University


Mr. Pradip Baruah




Mrs. Preeti Saikia

Trustee, Aarohan


Dr Santanu Tamuli

Sahitya Academy Awardee

Editor, Mouchak



Coordinator, U.S.A

Hitesh Kalita

MCA, PMP, ITIL, Washington D.C

Cell: US 1 2013556834

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


AssamKart Technical Advisor, Delhi

Dibyojit Dutta

NIC, Delhi


AssamKart Legal Advisor

Ditul Das

Advocate, Gauhati High Court